Travertine is a Travertine is a timeless natural stone that has been used in architectural designs for centuries. Its natural, earthy tones and textures are serene and relaxing which is why travertine was often used in the creation of bath complexes. The natural colours and textures in the stone ensure that every tile is unique and gives any room a natural look. The key beauty of travertine is its flowing variation that brings the nature to kitchens, bathrooms living rooms, bedrooms, floors and walls also on exterior swimming pool deck, drive ways, patios, walk ways even above ground pool decks so your entire home. With a wide selection of colors and styles, Travertine tiles are always first choice for those who have a taste of warm touch for appearance.

Travertine cc

  • 1-Classic Premium
  • 2-Classic Export
  • 3-Classic Mix
  • 4-Country Classic
  • 5-Medium
  • 6-Valentino
  • 7-Walnut
  • 8-Noce
  • 9-Gold
  • 10-Scabas
  • 11-Yellow
  • 12-Silver
  • 13-Red

Travertine vc

  • 14-Light
  • 15-Classic
  • 16-Noce
  • 17-Yellow
  • 18-Silver