D-style is one of the leading manufacturer and exporters on natural stone which has a strict principle on customer focused sales with reasonable prices and high quality on many types of products.

D-style’s product range consist’s of tiles, slabs, pavers, mosaics, borders, mouldings, sinks and shower bases with variety of colours, sizes and finishes. We use high quality travertines, marbles and limestones in our production. Our products are being served for our esteemed clients appreciation with “Tumbled, Honed, Polished, Sandblasted, Bush Hammared and Brushed finishes. Furthermore, if our customer has specific designs, these designs can be created, using natural stone, mosaic or marble tiles for indoors or outdoors, we have the facilities to make it exclusive to the customer.

Besides our product variety and high quality principle, “D-style” is committed to provide the best service to our large client portfolio in all around the world by our experienced sales team. Immediate replies to all enquiries, technical support, reliable inspection & quality control, continuous supply ability, coordination on production period, fast delivery and operation process form the basis of our customer service.

We work with many distributors, wholesalers and traders from all over the world; especially in Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, Austria, England, Belgium, Czech Republic, Dubai, Ireland, Israel, Japan and USA.